Five Ways to Love the Skin You’re In

1) Think about what you are thinking. Is what you are thinking about yourself true? Is it life bringing? Is it positive? You can literally change your life by changing the way you think. If you’re struggling to decipher between what is true and what’s not, talk with a trusted friend or mentor.

2) Stop looking for affirmation from those around you. Your worth cannot come from what others say about you, your achievements, or social media following. Those things may make us feel good for a short time, but isn’t long before we need them again and again and again. It’s a never-ending cycle of not feeling good enough. Your worth must be grounded on something that cannot be taken away, something unchanging. For me, that’s God’s truths that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, full of purpose, and significance.

3) Get it, girl. Whatever it is you want or need to do, go after it. Take action. Think about your dreams and goals. What is one thing you can do right now to get you closer to achieving those? Productivity increases confidence.

4) Comparison is toxic. It’s easy to get caught up in comparison with everything that looks so pretty on social media. Remember behind every picture there is a real person with struggles, just like every other one of us. There is a heart, a soul, a story with up’s and down’s. Remember the beauty of life is found in so much more than just our glamorous highlights on social media.

5) Take your eyes off yourself. A wise person once told me, “Go find someone worse off than you, and help them the best you can. Live generously. When you’re more focused on helping others, you don’t have time to overthink things about yourself.”

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