The Key to Success

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I often get asked, “What’s your key to success? How do you eat healthy? How do you have time to workout? How do you stay motivated?

Let me tell ya, friends, the number one key is disciplineThere are no shortcuts, magic shakes, pills, or patches. Simply – No. Excuses. I make time. I’m far from perfect (and 100% believe in balance, AKA rest and treating yourself during celebrations), but I wake up early nearly every day. I put in work even when I don’t feel like it. I lace up my shoes and push through workouts, because I know it’s worth it. I never regret it. I feel amazing after.

I choose food that makes my body feel good and fuels me, over food that tastes good for a moment only to leave me feeling lethargic and sick. I choose to take time to meal prep on weekends. I choose to invest time, money, and energy into my health, because it enables me to literally live my best life, to bring the best Amanda possible into every facet of my life.

Find what motivates you, be disciplined, grind it out, and stay consistent. It will change your life. Take every excuse as to why you can’t and show it whose boss. Let nothing hold you back. Be unstoppable.

When you “don’t feel like it,” you have two options 1) betray your values/goals and don’t do something based on how you feel, or 2) betray your feelings and choose to do what aligns with your values/goals.

If you want to make a change, you’ve gotta be disciplined. Real, sustainable, healthy results take time. Remember that. You are more than capable of living a healthy lifestyle. You’re WORTH IT. Now go get it. ❤

One thought on “The Key to Success

  1. Thank you for the post! It’s so true! I’ve been struggling with working out and nutrition since I got pregnant and will tend to slack and use the pregnancy as an excuse but I’ve gotta stop using those excuses and do what I can now! Thanks again and I love your blog!


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