Infinite Worth

Why is it that so often we seem to be in competition with one another? Why is it that if another is complimented, we feel as though it takes something away from us?

When we compare ourselves, one of two things occur. Most often, when a woman compares herself, she “loses,” which hurts self-esteem. The second outcome of comparison is that she “wins,” which is likely to create another problem — arrogance. And of course, the outcome of arrogance is that it so often isolates you from other people.

You see, society has lied to us. It’s told us there’s only so much value to go around. So if you want value, you must fight to attain and keep it by reaching a standard of beauty, popularity, and attention. This causes us to view other women as threats, rather than assets that encourage one another to flourish.

Think of a museum. There are all sorts of beautiful, creative, and unique works of art. As you move through the museum, you may stop and admire each piece. But as you admire one, does it take away beauty from another? No, of course not. Each piece is admired, celebrated, and appreciated. We, as women, are all sorts of beautiful, creative, and unique. My beauty does not take away from your’s, just as your’s does not take away from mine. Let’s be women who see one another through eyes of compassion, not eyes of judgement or insecurity. Let’s be women who see infinite worth in one another. 🖤

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