My Word + Goals for 2018

04F13CD6-28D1-4645-9E0A-5D929422175E.JPGThe week after Christmas is a magical time. It’s a time to reflect on all that’s taken place over the past year, the good, the bad, as well as dream about what you’d like the next year to look like.

I believe the word God has given me for this coming year is, “Gratitude.” Gratitude for the people in my life, where I’m at in my career, for my physical health, for my many blessings (rather than wishing I had more), and for a God I can truly trust when I don’t have a clue. I believe practicing an attitude of gratitude and contentment can transform one’s life. I’m excited to see how this intentional focus on gratitude brings more peace in the coming year.

Writing out lists, planning, and making goals is so therapeutic for me, so I am PUMPED to share my goals for 2018! ❤

Goal #1) Highly Invest Into My Blog
– Plan out posts each month
– Post twice a week
– Write for 30+ minutes each morning before work

Goal #2) More In-Sync With God’s Heart Than Ever Before
– Daily devotional time of upmost priority
– Practice a continual attitude of LOVE vs. anger, judgement, etc.

Goal #3) Walk in FREEDOM From What Others Think | No Longer Feel the Need to Prove Myself or Be Affirmed by Others
– Daily devotional time
– Invest quality time into relationships with people who are healthy and truly know and love me
– Practice contentment + gratefulness

Goal #4) Pay Off Debt
– Continue monthly budget meetings with Dan
– Stick to budget
– Practice contentment + gratefulness
– Keep future goals in mind when tempted to stray (replace my car + buy a house)

Goal #5) Read at Least One Book Each Month
– Read for 20 minutes before falling asleep every other night

Goal #6) Eat Paleo 80/20
– Eat paleo at home
– Enjoy non-paleo goodies when out to eat, celebrating, special events, etc.
– Make a meal plan and prep every weekend

Goal #7) Continue to Focus on Gaining Strength in the Gym
– Incorporate heavy weight-lifting sessions at least 3x/week

Goal #8) Learn to Walk on My Hands
– Practice handstands for five minutes daily

Goal #9) Keep a Cleaner, More Organized Home
– Set a timer for 20 minutes and power through some tidying up each day!

Goal #10) Be More Punctual
– Leave 10 minutes earlier for everything

Goal #11) Learn Spanish
– Practice via Duolingo app daily

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