My Testimony

I grew up attending a Lutheran church with my family. We believed in God, but the concept of a “relational, personal God” was foreign. Upon entering junior high, my sense of worth began to revolve around what I looked like. My self-esteem plummeted. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, anorexia, at the age of 16. A practice I thought would make me feel beautiful, wanted, and loved, only left me lonely, sick, filled with hate, short tempered, and depressed.

Not long after, a friend invited me to his youth group. It was church unlike I’d ever seen. I could not believe how filled with joy these people were, how happy they were to be at church. They had a beauty about them that came from so much more than just a physical body, but it overflowed from their hearts. They carried peace. I was captivated by this personal Jesus the youth pastor spoke of.

Later that year at summer camp, my heart truly changed forever. During worship one night, a leader began to pray over me. She prayed I would see myself the way God does: fearfully and wonderfully made, full of worth, and purpose. She prayed specifically against anorexia and depression. It was in that moment that I knew this was God was for real, and I wanted all in.

I gave my heart to the Lord that night, dedicating my life to trusting Him, and never looking back. It has been the most incredible adventure ever since. I am HEALED of anorexia, thanking God every day for the beautiful, strong body He’s given me to help carry out all He’s called me to do. He led me to attend North Central University, to my husband, best friends, mentors, career path, as well as unexplainable peace and hope no matter the adversities I face. Through my past experiences, God has given me a passion to teach women the truths that they are ENOUGH, as well as empower them to be all God has created them to be. ❤

Photo by Sarah Chacos Photography

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