What’s In My Gym Bag

Keeping your gym bag stocked with all the necessities saves time and makes it easier to get that workout done without any excuses. As you prepare for the week ahead, set yourself up to crush all your workouts by loading your bag up with all your essentials. Not sure where to start? Here are some of mine:


1) RXBar‘s make for great, quick pre and post workout fuel.
2) For long runs, I like to add Nuun electrolyte tablets to my water, as well as take Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews throughout for fast energy (not pictured).

3) GOOD WIPES ARE A LIFESAVER! On days where I didn’t get real sweaty and am short on time, these body wipes come in clutch for freshening up before my next event.
4) Praise God for dry shampoo. Enough said.
5) Hair ties, of course.
6) Essential oils have been such a blessing in my life. Peppermint oil works wonders in soothing headaches and/or nausea.

7) I used to scoff at Lululemon’s prices, but now that I’ve tried them… I can’t go back. They are hands down the best quality leggings. I will never run a marathon in anything else. The “Align II” pants are the GOAT. If you’re looking for something higher quality to keep up with your workouts, they are definitely worth the investment.
8) Victoria’s Secret sports bras are my fav – high quality (AKA last forever), comfortable, and affordable compared to others at a similar level.
9) A zip-up hoodie is perfect for wearing to the gym, and throwing on after.
10) If I’m running, I always wear a pair of Fitsok socks.

11) If you’re a runner, having a pair of well-fitting shoes specifically for running is crucial. If you’re in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend visiting Mill City Running for all of your running needs. I’m currently rocking a pair of “Nike Zoom Structure 21.”
12) For everything else (mostly lifting), I wear my No Bull trainers.

13) Wireless headphones and finding a good show on Netflix are the keys to surviving long runs on the treadmill.
14) Resistance bands are a great addition to leg day, and easy to bring on the go.

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