Running Tips

Running is a passion of mine and I get a lot of questions about it! I’m going do my best to cover some FAQ’S:

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1) What plan do you follow?

HAL HIGDON 👌🏼 Highly recommend whether training for a half, full, back to back full’s… he is the best. I also mix in weight training, as well as a Crossfit style workout 3-4 days a week. As you get closer to race day, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. The week of a race, I won’t do anything other than planned runs and stretching. Let your body REST.

2) How do you get so high in mileage?

Slow and steady, and by following the plan. If you miss a few runs here and there, that’s OK, but do your best to stick to it! Also, getting those weekly long runs in is KEY. Do your best never to skip those. Your body (especially joints) need them to build up/get used to high mileage.

3) How do you fuel?

I feel good eating oatmeal, bananas, sweet potato, or almond butter toast beforehand (amount dependent upon distance). While running, I’m a fan of @honeystinger organic energy chews or dried apricots. I also love @sportsresearch collagen peptides. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in joint recovery time after long runs since incorporating collagen into my smoothies! Chiropractic adjustments have also helped me immensely

Random tips:

• When you’re just starting out, don’t worry about speed. Run slow. Listen to your breathing. Is it heavy? Unable to speak? Slow down. Can you hold a long conversation? Maybe speed up a little. Is your breathing steady? Could you speak a few words/hold a short convo? You’re probably just right.

• SPEAK LIFE OVER YOURSELF. I talk to myself all throughout my run! “You got this, baby girl. We are bringing it home. Whether you walk or run, we ARE moving __ miles today. When your legs hurt, run with your heart. You are strong. You are capable. You are a BOSS. Let’s DO THE DANG THANG.” Believe in yourself, and visualize yourself demolishing your goals – that’s more powerful than you know!

• Remember, it’s all in your head. Power. Through. 👊🏼

One thought on “Running Tips

  1. This is perfect! I’ve never been a runner, but I’m currently training (slowly) to do my first 5k next spring. Thanks for the tips!


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